About Our Group & Members

We are a group of moms and babies in Newmarket, Ontario and surrounding areas (i.e. Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Keswick, East and West Gwillumbury, Kettelby, Pottageville, Mount Albert etc.) who all have a few things in common:

  1. We want to get out of the house :)
  2. We love our children
  3. We want the best for our children
  4. We would like ourselves and our children to meet some friends and have fun
  5. We understand the value of play groups and peer support

If you have the same beliefs, we'd love you to join our play group!

The Way We Play

These are some of the things that we keep in mind while we are having fun and playing.


  1. Since meetings are often held at each others homes, we treat others homes the way we treat our own (or even better!).  We try and clean up after ourselves and our kids at play dates i.e. try not to make messes with food around peoples homes, respect changing areas etc.  We follow common sense and courtesy on these items.
  2. We are respectful of meeting times.  We don't arrive too early or leave too late.  We understand, however, that things happen and sometimes we are late and others we need a few extra minutes in order to leave.
  3. We understand that in order for this group to be able to continue to function on a free / volunteer basis; we must each take turns being a hostess of a play date.  Shared responsibility makes it easier for us all. We try to give out our hostess dates well in advance and we trust that each member will try and adhere to their agreed upon date.  If for any reason you need to change your date; this can be accommodated however please give well advance notice and be prepared to find a replacement or someone to switch with.

NOTE Regarding Hostess DATE SWITCHING / changes:   Please remember that this is a FREE volunteer-based group.   Play dates are scheduled months in advance (in order of membership sign up date) with lots of notice to the hostess.  Please try and keep your hostess date and/or advise MUCH IN ADVANCE if you need to make a switch.   Lots of "switching" and "bailing" from the group just before your hostess date makes it unfair and difficult to keep things operating smoothly.... Thank you in advance!

  1. We RSVP to the meetings that we plan to attend to.  And We try and stick to our RSVPs!!  We understand the hostessing at your home requires an understanding of approx. how many people will attend.  However, we understand that sometimes things happen and last minute we may not be able to come.
  2. This is a DRAMA FREE GROUP!!  Please keep politics and cattiness away from this group of moms and babies please :)   We are here to have a good time and make friends.
  3. New!  ON ALUMNI STATUS   Please note that in order to be considered alumni, you must have been an ACTIVE member prior to going back to work, moving, leaving the group for another specified reason, etc.  If you did not ever attended a meeting or put on your last assigned hostess date (or if you left the group before ever hostessing), you will not be considered Alumni.  In addition, moms who were a member with their first child and who have since had a second child are welcome to come back to the group.  If you choose not to come back to the group with your second child, you may not be able to keep your Alumni status.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SPECIFICATIONS HAVE BEEN MADE FOR THE PRIVACY AND FAIRNESS OF ALL MEMBERS.  There have been situations in the past where people have become members; however did not keep up their fair end of the "The Way We Play" rules by taking a hostess turn.  For this reason, they should not be able to continue to have access to the resources provided by this group.
  4. With the colder weather and Flu season, The Goober Gang maintains a strict policy on coming to @ home play dates sick.   We know we all hate a sick baby or to be sick ourselves ~ so please if your family has been recently sick or is still recovering from sickness, please skip any at home play dates that may be happening that week.   We can't really enforce this rule in public places (however Id assume that many moms would opt to stay home anyhow if their family were sick).  And outdoors I suppose the spread is not as much of an issue.  But when it comes to people's homes, please just remember this rule.....    Stock up on your chicken soup and tissues :)  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Regular Meeting Date: 


Special Play Dates:

Occasionally i.e. for special holidays (mothers day, Christmas,etc.), joint events with other organizations i.e. www.lifewithababy.com; etc.

Suggested Regular Meeting Times:

On your assigned hostess date, you can feel free to pick the time that works best for you and your baby.

We find that morning play dates at 9:30am or late afternoon play dates around 3:30pm work best for toddlers i.e. age 1+

Afternoon play dates i.e. around 1:00 work best for the little ones.


Typical Meeting Spots:

Your Home is the first choice spot to have your play date!

However if you prefer not to meet in your home or do not have the space; these locations will also be great:

A Park

An Indoor Play Area

The Mall

The Theatre

The Pool

The Early Years Centre

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