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Please note that our group is currently at capacity with members and we are unable to accept new ones.   If you are looking for FREE things to do with your little one, please see!!!

Join The Goober Gang

BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM BELOW, be sure to read our ABOUT PAGE and ensure that THE WAY WE PLAY suites your family

These are some of the things that we keep in mind while we are having fun and playing.


  1. Since meetings are often held at each others homes, we treat others homes the way we treat our own (or even better!).  We try and clean up after ourselves and our kids at play dates i.e. try not to make messes with food around peoples homes, respect changing areas etc.  We follow common sense and courtesy on these items.
  2. We are respectful of meeting times.  We don't arrive too early or leave too late.  We understand, however, that things happen and sometimes we are late and others we need a few extra minutes in order to leave.
  3. We understand that in order for this group to be able to continue to function on a free / volunteer basis; we must each take turns being a hostess of a play date.  Shared responsibility makes it easier for us all. We try to give out our hostess dates well in advance and we trust that each member will try and adhere to their agreed upon date.  If for any reason you need to change your date; this can be accommodated however please give well advance notice and be prepared to find a replacement or someone to switch with.
  4. We RSVP to the meetings that we plan to attend to.  And We try and stick to our RSVPs!!  We understand the hostessing at your home requires an understanding of approx. how many people will attend.  However, we understand that sometimes things happen and last minute we may not be able to come.
  5. This is a DRAMA FREE GROUP!!  Please keep politics and cattiness away from this group of moms and babies please :)   We are here to have a good time and make friends.

If this works for you, to join the Goober Gang please fill out the email form below.  From there you will be directed with further information on how to access the site.

If you have any questions about the group, please contact  Connie Berenguer


Cell: 416.885.9709


Looking forward to playing with you!

Important:  please note that your membership is NOT CONFIRMED until we have received a picture of you and your baby for the members page and a hostess date has been set up!!

Please email a photo of you and your baby for our website to asap!  You will be contacted shortly.

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